Meet Alex Wade


Meet Alex Wade

It’s Wednesday which is our mid week meet the members. This week we have the gaffa himself , Wmmc’s gentle giant , the guy that keeps us all in line and keeps this brilliant club running , it’s our great friend and chairman alex wade

Alex Wade


What bike do you ride?
ZZR1400 / XJR1300

Preferred bike you’ve owned?

How long have you been riding?
21 years without a break… even had Suzuki GS500E though it knocked my knees while turning slow corners just to keep on biking..

How long have you been a member of WMCC ?
12 years thanks to Col insisting I come when it was at the smelly Hollins Green (due to the dogs).

Favourite place to ride?
Anywhere I’ve not been before.

Funniest ride out?
Was actually a ride in…. Me and Em riding around the living room on the mini moto during lockdown..

Scariest ride out?
People would probably think it was when I came off at around 60mph on the way to a camp for Shaggy’s birthday trip, but really enjoyed putting her down.. was actually either riding through North Wales with Col behind me pushing the Busa to its limits when the back wheel skipped out or when my front wheel bearing collapsed the day after the busa had its MOT on a 200 mile ride from South Wales to Warrington.. just lucky I had slowed to around 30 mph at the time.

What’s your dream bike?
It was my Hayabusa which I had for 6 years

If you could ride anywhere in the world in that dream bike where would it be? Anywhere with Em riding pillion.