Club History

As proud members of Warrington Motorcycle Club (WMCC), we invite you to join us in celebrating the remarkable milestone of 60 years of our club’s legacy on two wheels. From our early days filled with passion and determination, to the thrilling adventures we’ve embarked upon, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let us take you on a ride through our vibrant history, camaraderie, and the excitement that lies ahead.

Our Journey Through Time

The Evolution of Warrington Motorcycle Club Since our humble beginnings in 1963, WMCC has grown and flourished under the shared enthusiasm of its dedicated members. We’ve witnessed the club’s evolution, from its modest origins with just a handful of members gathering in Appleton Thorn Village Hall, to the vibrant community we are today. Let us share with you the key milestones and significant moments that have shaped our unique legacy on two wheels, as we journeyed from Martinscroft Mission Hall to our current home at Pierpoint & Bryant Recreation Club.

Riding Together

Our Club Ride Outs, Camps, and Rallying Adventures are the heart of our club and the joy we experience when riding together. Every Friday, we come together to plan regular club ride outs, camping trips, and rallying adventures. These journeys allow us to explore scenic routes, forging lifelong friendships along the way and to create cherished memories. Join our vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts, and immerse yourself in the shared passion that defines our legacy on two wheels.

Supporting the Motorcycle Community

As members of WMCC, we understand the importance of unity within the wider motorcycle community. That’s why we actively support and participate in events organized by other bike clubs, attending rallies and social gatherings, we can also be found flying our colours on charity rides for many good causes throughout the year.

Past Presence At BMF

Our presence at BMF shows holds a special place in our hearts. Year after year, we proudly showcased our passion and commitment to motorcycles at prestigious BMF events all around the country. Our stands have garnered numerous Best of Club cups, a testament to the dedication and creativity of our members. Sadly our presence at BMF came to an end, but our members will keep fond memories forever.

Celebrating 60 Years

Join Our Festivities on 22nd July 2023, we celebrate the incredible milestone of 60 years since the establishment of our club. The excitement is building, and we invite you to join us in the upcoming festivities.

Join The Club

This is your opportunity to be part of our remarkable legacy on two wheels, as we come together to commemorate the journey and achievements that have shaped us as a club.

As members of Warrington Motorcycle Club, we take great pride in our journey and the legacy we’ve built on two wheels over the past six decades.