Meet Ian Nield


Meet Ian Nield

Todays mid week meet the members is the guy that could own his own motorcycle showroom and been to more places on those bikes than I’ve had hot meals . It’s a please to have him back down at wmmc its mr Ian Nield aka the bike whisperer

Ian Nield


What bike do you ride?
Kawasaki z1000sx (one of many!)

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
GPZ 900, my first superbike

How long have you been riding?
50 years ish

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
This is my 2nd time being a member. Joined back in the 80s, and then again 9 months ago

Favourite place to ride?
Up in the Swiss Alps and in Italy for the Stelvio Pass

Funniest ride out?
Group ride back in the 90s on one of our annual trips to the BMF in Peterborough

Scariest ride out?
Nearly losing it on the Nurburgring

Dream bike:
Kawasaki H2

If you could ride anywhere in the world on that dream bike, where would it be?
I would love to take 6 months off and just ride across Canada. It’s an awesome place