Meet Jo Taylor


Meet Jo Taylor

This weeks meet the members is the lovely , kind and very funny jo!

Jo Taylor

Mid 50’s

What bike do you ride?
Kawasaki Z1000 Gen 3 currently

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
Each of them has been fun at the time! I’ve only ever owned Kawasaki’s – GPZ500, ZX6, ZX636, Z750 Gen 1 and a Gen 2 Z1000 in black and gold called Bizzy. Sadly he met a sticky end on a rural road in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. The bike I have now I bought 3 weeks later! 💜

How long have you been riding?
20+ years

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
Since May 2022

Favourite place to ride?
Anywhere where you have to remind yourself to “Ride on the right!” Been very lucky to ride in all sorts of countries including a lot of Europe, Switzerland, USA and Canada. My spiritual home is Switzerland and the mountain passes are simply amazing. A rock face to one side of you and a sheer drop the other. It keeps you focussed when riding ⛰️

Funniest ride out?
The first time riding solo to the south of France to meet friends in their motorhome! Once in France, realising that I’d loaded the wrong maps onto my satnav and then having to navigate all the way down France including through Paris with just place names to look out for! Getting openly stared at by men who’d obviously never seen a woman rider! 🇫🇷

Scariest ride out?
The first time I rode the Stelvio Pass in Italy on my z750. Having been advised to use high octane fuel across the mountains, my bike didn’t like it and decided to stall on each of the switchbacks! A quick dump of the clutch to bring it back to life made ascending the 34 switchbacks ‘interesting’

What’s your dream bike?
Kawasaki Z1000 Gen 4 Sugomi special edition in black and red

If you could ride anywhere in the world on that dream bike where would it be?
Anywhere with HUGE scenery such as Switzerland or Canada with massive mountains, beautiful lakes and amazing roads like in Portugal. Planning the next trip to somewhere like Norway or Croatia 😁