Meet Matt Nestor


Meet Matt Nestor

Good morning bike lovers , to kick off the new year on our meet the members we have the funny loveable jäger drinking champion ……..Messy Nessy

Matt Nestor


What bike do you ride?
Kawasaki ZX636R 2005

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
This one upto now.

How long have you been riding?
On the road 2 years, had a 6 year break off bikes due to a accident was riding off road motocross for 2 years on tracks around the uk before that.

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
About a year, I joined at the start of 2022.

Favourite place to ride?
The Peak District

Funniest ride out?
There’s been so many with wmcc and also with friends previous, but I think one sticks out more than the others it was on route to Sedbergh camp “Hells Fells”. It actually started quite stressful, getting constantly questioned by fellow riders about the route we had taken. Halfway there we regrouped, worked out another route between us found a long beautiful twisty road and had the best fun filled one night camp of my life. The next morning we was all very excited to get the gear packed up, so we could have another run at that awesome road. The ride it’s self was fun but the camp was funny.

Scariest ride out?
It’s got to be, by far, one of our club camps to Denbigh last year, the side wind was crazy and carrying a weekend worth of beer food and camping gear was sketchy at the best of times. Still good fun though.

What’s your dream bike?
2023 BMW S1000RR

If you could ride anywhere in the world on that dream bike where would it be?
Silverstone race track or circuit Jerez Spain