Meet Morris Jones


Meet : Morris Jones

This week I had the pleasure of chatting to our very own morris , when I say this was a fun 15 minutes talking to him I honestly mean it, this guys sense of humour is electric…….

Name :
Morris Jones

Age :
79 years young

What bike do you ride?
SYM scooter

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
Triumph TR6

How long have you been riding
I think they where just finishing that last pyramid off

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
I don’t know , a long time …. About 20 years …. I think , I think

Favourite place to ride?

Funniest ride out?
that’s a good question Ermmmm….I used to ride trials and fell in rivers and cow shit ect , but sand hurts

Scariest ride out?
I was going to rhyader, I ended up in a field cos I couldn’t stop , I opened the gate with the bike

What’s your dream bike?
If I was younger and could handle it another TR6

If you could ride anywhere in the world in that dream bike where would it be?
Around Scotland