Meet Tom Mead


Meet Tom Mead

It’s meet the members time you lovely people . Todays member is recently engaged tom. don’t get much nicer than this guy

Tom Mead


What bike do you ride?
Honda CBR600F

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
One and only at the minute.

How long have you been riding?
Just over a year. Better late than never.

How long have you been a member of Wmmc?
Became a member in March 2022 having looked for a club close by. Attended a Friday meet-up at Pierpoints and signed on the dotted the same night. Great group of like minded people.

Favourite place to ride?
Favourite place to ride the minute having only been riding best part of a year, would be North Wales. The run from Warrington, down to Denbigh and up into the hills then down to Bala. Phenominal roads and great scenery.

Funniest ride out?
This hands down goes to the most recent 1 night camp I attended at Farm & Fell campsite near Cumbria. Apart from the shaky start with direction issues, the ride up was brilliant. The date we booked conincidently landed on the campsite festival weekend with some of the best weather we’ve had this year. Everything from being out with your mates to Scott in a dress for the night, made for the funniest one yet.

Scariest ride out?
This one probably goes to the annual main club camp in Denbigh. There was a section of road not far from the campsite where the wind hit me on the twisty roads. Safe to say – 5p / 50p moment!! Those who know, know.

What’s your dream bike?
Money no object would be an M1000RR. Coming back down to earth however, I’m looking at an CRF1100 Africa Twin for my next ‘do everything’ bike.

If you could ride anywhere in the world in that dream bike where would it be?
Having not travelled much in general, I’d probably say Italy, then find my way from there.