Meet Big Midds! Darren Middlemore.


Meet Big Midds! Darren Middlemore.

We’re back for another mid week meet the members. This week we have a guy that can prEtty much put his hand to anything, keeps himself to himself but when he hits form in a banter contest he will rip you to bits! It’s daz mids

Name: Darren

Age: 49

What bike do you ride?
Yamaha XV950 and a 600 ninja

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
honestly cant pick one. Enjoyed them all for different reasons.

How long have you been riding?
33 years

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
1 year

Favourite place to ride?
Anywhere in the countryside I have not been before

Funniest ride out?
I don’t have one

Scariest ride out?
Ask mids he was on the back. It involved a FZR1000 a subaru and a HGV

What’s your dream bike?
Vintage Indian chief

If you could ride anywhere in the world in that dream bike where would it be?
Across the alps