Meet Tanya Middlemore


Meet Tanya Middlemore

This weeks meet the member is one of our newest riders, she only passed in September so due to weather she’s not been out on her bike a great deal however the rides she has done have been faultless and she’s a pleasure to ride with. It’s Tanya mids

Name: Tan

Age: 34

What bike do you ride?
CBF honda

Preferred bike you’ve owned?
Only owned one so far!

How long have you been riding?
I’m a newbie so approx 7 months

How long have you been a member of WMCC?
Over a year

Favourite place to ride?
J & S 🤣 because I know the route and don’t get scared!

Funniest ride out…

Scariest ride out?
Southport in the cold and wind, didn’t think my little hairdryer would make it.

What’s your dream bike?

If you could ride anywhere in the world in that dream bike where would it be?
Anywhere with big open roads (and preferably no cars on the road 🤣)