Rolling With The Oldies!


Rolling With The Oldies!

WMCC has a more than 60 year heritage and along the way members join, and sadly members leave due to personal issues, health issues or they just give up riding. One thing we are immensely proud of is the feeling of family we foster both within and out of the club. Each Year some of the former members that have left over the years still meet and catch up at Juniper Farm (Formally Mascarat Manor) in Warrington, and current club members always try to show support and let them know that the club is never closed to them and they are still part of the family despite “membership status”

In total more than 50 members current and lapsed decended on Juniper Farm and had a good old catch up, good food and and good laughs. Members aged 8 to 80 Years old (anybody for scrabble?)

Here are a few snaps from todays meet up